Endocrine disruptors play a part in the rise in allergies. They have been implicated in many studies especially in reference to causing problems with the immune system, and it has been proven that the use of GMOs has led to an increase in some allergies up to 50%.

Add wheat crops heavily sprayed with known endocrine disrupting pesticides and we have a real problem on our hands. So is it the contaminated wheat that is causing a rise in gluten intolerance and celiac disease? Are these chemicals breaking down our immune function resulting in an inability to tolerate wheat or gluten products? Or is it that we were never meant to ingest wheat such as our ancestors who were much healthier? For instance, why did not they eat wheat? If you really sit down and think about it we had no way of cooking it enough to have it satisfy our intestines. When you add something we never really ate and add pesticides to it you get a dangerous cocktail of something that is going to hurt us. So why is celiac disease and gluten intolerance on the rise? It's a bit like the saying “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Either way, the reality is here, and it does not really matter which theory to place the blame on. They both involve the same cause. What really matters is that we acknowledge it.


I think it is important to note that even without a diagnosis of celiac disease, you can be affected by gluten. Numerous doctors have tested me and the results always came back negative for celiac disease. I have severe symptoms when I consume wheat and gluten products. I can feel the adverse effects of wheat / gluten as soon as I eat it, but the real problems seem to take a while to manifest. I get eye tracers approximately 12 hours after consumption, followed by a migraine. And then I start to drop things with my right hand. I can not hold car keys, bowls or even a brush for long periods of time. At first I found it incredibly weird, then scary, and now that I know what causes the symptoms I am a bit relieved to know what it is. Although I am happy that I know the cause, at the same time I am unhappy that there are not warning labels and information readily available for people who are experiencing the same type of symptoms. Wheat and gluten often cause neurological allergies and I will vouch for that. A wheat allergy can also manifest in many other ways too. I get bladder infection symptoms when I eat too much wheat. As a teenager I was always being put on numerous antibiotics that only served to wipe out my immune system. Had I known that wheat was the culprit I would have been a much healthier person.

In order for a proper diagnosis the traditional medical system will require you to eat wheat and get a biopsy and blood tests to confirm a diagnosis. It is important to note that a definitive diagnosis in western medical standards will require a small bowel biopsy. No biggie right?

If you suspect that you can not tolerate wheat then chances are you can not. If you suspect that your children can not tolerate wheat then chances are they can not either. If you are looking to go to your doctor and get a test telling you differently then you might be able to only because I do not believe they have all of the means to properly diagnose a gluten sensitivity. I have begun to trust my gut feeling about the effects of gluten on my body and choose to avoid it based on how I feel, regardless of test results. I urge you to listen to your inner voice and take note of any negative symptoms you notice when you or your family consumes wheat and gluten products. There are more and more people being affected by wheat and gluten products. I believe it is inevitable when we are being overloaded with hard to digest, pesticide riddled food.