Many people are quite sensitive to airborne particles and other allergens, some they know about and others they may not be aware of. Often, those with tough allergies, MCS, and other sensitivities purchase a HEPA air cleaner thinking that will be all that they need for relief, and then find that their allergies or reactions have not improved much or at all. That's usually because the person is actually more sensitive to chemical vapors that are floating around in the home – something a HEPA filter can not remove. And what most people do not realize about mold is that they produce airborne chemicals or 'aflatoxins' that can cause allergic reactions too, not just the mold spores.

Why? A lot of portable HEPA air cleaners either do not contain effective carbon filters or have no carbon filter at all. So in case of some allergies or sensitivities to cooking, pet or other odors that will not go away, it makes sense to install a full home air filtration system with a good amount of activated carbon in the filters so that it can continue remove the chemical vapors and odors from your whole home, while the HEPA filter is removing over 99% of any particles or dust.

A whole home air cleaner attaches, ideally, to the output section of the HVAC system. By attaching to this area of ​​the furnace or HVAC system, any pollutants that come from collected particles, mold, bacteria, etc on the coil will be trapped, which is better for your health. And, any chemical or gas type pollutants such any leaking Freon residue or vapors that might be attached those dust particles coming from the coil, will also be trapped. The duct work after where the air cleaner attaches is almost always loaded with dust, mold, and bacteria and if you're not going to or can not afford a duct cleaning job, the next best thing is to use your HEPA room air cleaners with a full home air cleaner, which in the long run, will give you cleaner air since the ducts will probably become dirty again within about a year anyway.

Your best full home air filtration systems will also have a HEPA filter (such as Aller Air), so you'll be removing both offending vapors and particles at the same time. So, again, our very best recommendation for those with severe allergies, MCS or other sensitivities, is to use a combination of a whole house air cleaner attached to the air conditioner, and one or two portable HEPA air cleaners in the rooms where you spend the most time. This way, the whole house unit will be removing any chemical or gas type pollutants from the entire house, and the portable room air purifiers will be removing any particles (especially those particles that tend to blow out of the duct work after the air cleaner) .

I hope this article helps anyone still working to get more allergy or MCS relief. If you have any questions, please contact me directly below.