Vibratory angioedema is an infrequent form of chronic hives and it is also called as physical urticaria. Angioedema is just another form of hives but its deeper and more painful. Hives are caused by a certain stimulus on the body and the stimulus is a strong vibration. The stimuli that can cause vibratory angioedema includes operating a pneumatic hammer or lawnmower, riding a motorcycle, jogging or rubbing vigorously with a towel. Reddishness and inflammation develops in vibratory angioedema when the skin remains in contact with the vibration within two to five minutes of the exposure. The fundamental cause of the reaction is indistinguishable. The symptoms are resolved within half an hour to one hour on the average. A large number of people are mystified to know more about vibratory angioedema and they are looking for a lot to get ideas and treatments that can facilitate them to understand about this trouble and get rid of it.

More often than not, this type of angioedema is inherited and gets transferred from generation to generation. It means that if anyone out of a family is under the attack of this skin disease then there are ample chances that the germs of this disease will be transferred to the next generation and this situation is in fact terrible. While being under the influence of this odd skin condition, the life of the victimized person becomes very painless and unbearable because its skin produces very hypersensitive reactions.

The treatment of hereditary and vibratory angioedema is one of the most difficult and complicated issue for a person who is under the attack of this skin disease but the main treatment of this problem is the prevention of vibratory stimuli. Undoubtly it is a dangerous disease but the cure is possible, though sometimes the medicine epinephrine shows no response to this disease and it can be more worrying and perilous for a person's life. A person afflicted by this disease must contact a well reputed specialist of skin without the waste of time. Urine and blood test for the diagnosis of this health problem will help you a lot. You should gain knowledge to avoid those edibles and elements that actually trigger this problem. Make use of epinephrine because it is life saving for those who are under the attack of this problem. You can also browse on internet to know more about vibratory angioedema and how to treat angioedema effectively because many people share their day to day experiences.