Finding the cause of your allergies is the best way to treat them. If you can narrow down the scenarios that have created an allergic reaction, you can avoid them in the future. This is a good way to find relief for your allergies, but a doctor can move this process along for you much more quickly.


Pollens are the number one cause of allergic reactions in adults. The unfortunate thing is that pollens are everywhere, and it may only be one that is causing your reactions. The most common pollen allergens are ragweed, leaf-mold, grass, and sometimes local flowers. Mites and some other natural particulates may also be to blame. Avoiding the seasons and times of day that these allergens are most prolific can relate some of the symptoms. Keeping your doors and windows closed can keep them from coming inside your home or vehicle and then irritating your senses. Avoiding mowing and yard work with flowers can alleviate issues in some cases.

Dust And Dander

Dander is a collection of loose skin particles that get swept or scratched off. Buildups are common in homes that have a large family or have pets. Scalp dander is the most common collection of dead skin particles. Dander is a fairly common allergen in homes. Dust buildups may also cause strong allergic reactions. Keeping your home and body clean can help considerably if you are allergic to either of these particulates. Avoid vacuuming however, as this kicks up a lot of these two particulates into your lungs. Dusting may also trigger a reaction.

Molds And Moisture

Moisture in the atmosphere or in your home can cause very similar reactions to allergies. Make sure you do not have a leaky or moist basement. If these are issues, a dehumidifier can be a major asset. These things can also increase the growth of molds in your home. Some molds can be very dangerous to allergy sufferers, and some can be dangerous to anyone. Make sure there are no mold growths in your home, or where you see the reactions happening.

General Aids For Relief

If you have to deal with your allergens, wearing a filtered mask can be a huge benefit. This will keep you from the worst of the reaction. Avoid taking medications before you have figured out the cause of you allergic reaction. Keeping hairless pets or hypoallergenic pets is also beneficial.