You have more than likely heard tales about little insects that feed on your blood at night. They normally attack when you are sleep and do not care if you are in a clean or dirty environment.

Humans appear to suffer most of this particular bug, but they are also prone to fever on other warm blooded hosts. They prefer living in temperate climates, but are often found in regions with warm climates. When they are present in warmer temperatures, they spread their infestation from humans to birds, bats and poultry.

The first sign that your home may have bed bugs are the bite marks on your body. These bites are distinctive. They will most likely appear in clusters on your body. The insects usually bite and only move a very small distance away for the next attack. This makes it quite easy to detect the bites as they will usually appear in a cluster or a distinct line. The bites are normally itchy, raised and red. If you find these types of bites on your body, you can be fairly certain that you have bed bugs in your home.

There are signs you can look for to determine if you have bugs or not. During the times when you change your bed linen, you should inspect your mattress, headboard and the bed base. The bugs are nocturnal, so chances are that they will not be visible when you check during the day. You will even notice their excrement along the seams of your mattress or the edges of the bed base and headboard. This will appear as tiny black dots.

The bugs shed their skin during the nymphal phase and this appears as a hollow insect. The eggs of the bugs are difficult to recognize. They normally resemble the shape of rice.

To prevent a bed bug epidemic in your home, you should take care with what you bring into your home. If you have been away on a trip, you should immediately wash all the clothing in your bag once you return home. Wrap your suitcase into a garbage bag for a number of days. This will kill any possible bugs that you may have bought with you.

When you are resident in hotels whilst on a trip, you should steer away from unpacking your clothing into the drawers provided. Do not leave your bags or clothing on the beds. Instead, place your suitcase on a hard, raised surface. This will ensure that bugs do not settle into your bag.

If you discover that you do indeed have bed bugs, your first choice should be call professional pest controllers. These are extremely difficult pets to get rid of and professionals avail of several methods to eradicate the infestation. They will more than likely pause by using a bed bug spray. This method gets rid of as many of the bugs as possible in a very short time.

They may also opt for heating or freezing methods of alienation. It is possible to raise the temperature in a room with heaters before sealing it. This method will not only kill most of the adult bugs, but also any existing eggs. There are home remedies for bed bugs, but for fast termination, professionals are the answer.