1. The number one way to ruin your health is to simply just never visit the doctor. Continued doctor avoidance can almost insure a “big surprise” somewhere down the road, when you least expect it and when it's completely inconvenient. Regular visits to your doctor will help to reveal signs of irregularities or mishaps with your body early enough so that something can be done thus increasing your chance of long-term health. Early detection is one of your best defenses against many common diseases as far as bringing them under control.
  2. Eat whatever you want, whenever you want to. Scheduled and regular meal times and sizes help your body operate smoothly and on target. It knows when to expect the nutrients to come and keeps your metabolism going, burning calories continuously. If you have to it is better to eat smaller portions more frequently to keep your body working evenly. To surly throw it off, skip meals; eat all crazy like-milkshakes for breakfast, steak and potatoes for lunch; top it off with candy bar and an energy drink for dinner -That'll send your body for a loop! Oh and be sure to eat right before bed to really mess things up. By the way, eating healthy greatly affects your mood.
  3. Choose foods highest in saturated fat, and lowest in fiber. This way your arms will clog up quickly, causing strain on your heart and increase your possibilities of a heart attack and a stroke. Oh, also you'll be more at risk for intestinal cancers and complications with low fiber intake. You see saturated fat raises your LDL (bad cholesterol) and builds up all over inside your body. Fiber is like little scrub brushes that cleans your insides, carries out the bad stuff, all while giving your colon and other body parts a good workout to keep them strong and healthy.
  4. Do not EVER elevate your heart-rate. Just relax and take it easy. Do not get up to do anything around the house and make sure your car has electric windows so you do not have to move your arms too much. Make shure that everything is remote control at home so that you never have to get your heart pumping. With your ninja tech skills and a sweet app, you can operate your whole world from a smart phone, so get a comfy chair! If you elevate your heart rate for at least 30 min a day, you will be at less risk of a heart attack and coronary heart disease as well as avoiding a slue of other health problems that are caused by a sedentary lifestyle. You see, your heart is a muscle; you need to keep it in shape by pumping blood instead of iron! (Well I guess it does pump iron in a way, if you're getting enough!)
  5. Hate vegetables and fruit. Just hate them. Stick to burgers and fries and shakes. That will clog you up real quick. Vegetables are high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals, and fruits have fiber and antioxidants as well; and these have both been proven to lower the risk for some cancers as well as repairing damaged cells if ate regularly with daily exercise. And again fruits and vegetables high in fiber reduce all kinds of health risks including colon cancer and heart disease.
  6. Drink regular soda All the time along with tons of energy and sports drinks (without sports or exercise). Make it a double, and throw in a candy bar (super size) for a certain sugar over-load and pre-cursor to diabetes. Regular soda and many other canned beverages- and wow many times these days it's 16 to 32oz, they are a killer. Just carry a bag of sugar and a spoon around with you. Our bodies can not process a liquid like solid food. They do not register the same. The calories stack up high and store well. The sack of sugar may be a better choice. If you must have soda or you have a favorite sports or energy drink you can not do without, choose low carb (no sugar) or a natural sugar-free or naturally sweetened soda that is free of dyes and other chemicals. They are much better for your body and many popular drinks are available this way now. See the link at the end of this article for alternative energy drinks.
  7. Skip meals, and avoid healthy snacks. This way you will be over hungry when there is nothing healthy to eat, and your food choices will be minimal coercing you to just eat everything that is in front of you when you can not hold out any longer. This is why meal skipping as a part of a weight loss plan is bad news. It simply does not work long-term and is very harmful, especially to younger bodies still developing due to lack of vital nutrients for proper growth. Having regular meal times and healthy snacks such as vegetables or a piece of fruit between those scheduled times helps your body to maintain steady operation and digestion. (PS do not go shopping when you're super hungry, that is why they have all the items at the register and on isle ends that are junk food, they're not just for kids!)
  8. Do not take daily vitamins or supplements, EVER. This will ensure that you do not have the minimum recommended daily supply of all the vitamins and minerals that keep your body operating well. You will slowly develop health conditions that will take the doctor's forever to figure out, that is if you go to the doctor; then they will put you on a pharmaceutical grade supplement, and everything will begin to get better, hopefully. Taking daily vitamins or supplements helps ensure you have more than the minimum critical vitamins and minerals to help your body maintain peak performance and reduce risk of disease.
  9. Worry every day about your health, and do not do anything about it. Just worry. Yeh, just watch all the TV programs like the Dr. OZ show and reality shows that people are real people changing their lives, read articles like this one, and think about changing your habits and lifestyles but do not. Just procrastinate for a few more year or so until an ambulance ride or fountain spells grabs your attention; then think about it some more. Procrastination and fear of bad news from our health care professionals are national killers. People miss getting help every day due to fear of bad news and just putting it off. Take a step of action today if one is needed.
  10. Do not drink water every day. Just sort of let your body wither and dry up like a raisin from the inside out. It will affect your nose, ears, mouth, and eyes too; you'll have no more tears to blink. Your eye lids will just sort of get stuck to your eye-balls.All the cells in your body will just dry up. Water helps your body operate smoothly. There are many variables as far as take recommendations, but a good reference is 8, 8oz glasses of water per day (the 8×8 rule). Water acts as a lubricant; and helps carry all the good things like vitamins and minerals to where they need to go while stimulating healthy organ function; as well as helping to carry out all the bad and used up foods and toxins where they need to go (out!). Try drinking more water if you do not normally drink it, you may just have more energy, It's a fact! (note, you can drink too much so use caution).

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