As anyone who has ever had a recurring sinus infection would know, they are painful!

The good news is that they are very treatable and in fact if you use a few good old fashioned home remedies and along with some modern medicine it's also possible to prevent them from recurring in the future.

With a little bit of research on the internet, there are a lot of articles out there with some really good advice, using both modern medicine and well good old fashioned home remedies.

I'm going to list some that I've come across and after having spoken with my brother who is currently in his last year at medical school, I believe that they would actually work really well for a lot of people in not only relieving the pain and agony of sinus infections, but also to help prevent them from recycling.

However firstly I like to take a minute to talk about some of the causes of sinus infections, after all by understanding the cause of them we can learn a few things we can do to avoid getting them in the future.

So some of the things that cause sinus infects are:

  • Consuming too much dairy product. ie: Milk, Cheese, Yoghurt, etc.
  • Allergies to our environment.
  • Irritation caused by tobacco and other pollutants.
  • Allergies to certain types of food.
  • A fungal infection in the sinus passage.

These are just a few; there are potentially many more causes.

So for a start lets look at dairy consumption, the obvious solution here is to straight cut out all dairy products.

However if you're like me you love your dairy products, we all know that calcium is good for us. So rather than cutting it out all together, I'd suggest reducing your daily intake of dairy products.

Unfortunately there is no easy cure for environmental allergies that I know of, the only treatment that I can suggest is to use Antihistamines, eg Claratyn or Clarinex or something like that.

Well we all know the dangers of tobacco smoke; Personally I'm a smoker so I can not really say anything on that subject.

Other pollutants is a very broad term, the first thing I would suggest is trying to narrow down what the pollutants are that could be causing you the irritation.

Allergies to certain types of food – whilst I've found many of articles that suggest this as a possible cause, I've not yet been able to find any that can narrow down the list as it obviously differs for each one of us. Best thing I can suggest is consult your doctor as to the possible foods that could be causing them.

If you think it could have been a fungal infection, then talk to your doctor about possible antifungal medication that could help treat the problem.

Now that we've covered some of possible causes and some of the methods that could help prevent them; Let's now talk about some possible treatments.

After all, the reason you're most likely reading my article right now is that you're suffering, right now !

Some of the treatments that I've read about are natural home remedies, while others are medical.

One way I've read about to treat the pain and inflammation right now is quite easy to make at home yourself or even easier to buy over the counter at your local chemist.

It's a saline flush of your nasal passes. Yes I know it sounds painful and disgusting but from personal experience, I can definitely say it works. You can either go to your chemist and buy saline solution OTC, or if you do not have the time or inclining you can make one up at home. After all it's only Salt Water! So to make it up yourself: Mix approx. 240 mls of filtered (preferred) water with about 1 / 8th of a teaspoon of salt. From what I've read Sea Salt works best but you can use whatever you have at hand. Once you've mixed it together, you're going to put into a baby's type syringe. You then want to insert the syringe about 1/2 an inch into your nostril pointing the tip up towards your forehead and gently squeeze the saline into your nostril. This for obvious reason's is best done over a sink. Just let the saline gently flow up your nostril and flow out your mouth or other nostril. Then simply repeat the process with the other nostril. I can honestly say this provides significant relief from the pain.

Another way to treat it is to use decongestants, however these wont always work.

If it's really severe then I'd suggest that you speak to your doc about some antibiotics and other treatments.

In conclusion yes Sinus Infections are painful, but they are treatable. You do not have to just put up with them there are ways to prevent them.