Spring season is here and so are the allergies. There is pollen everywhere and the instances of pollen related allergies are already on the rise. People are falling ill in large numbers and long queues can be witnessed at almost every other hospital or clinic. Patients of asthma and lung congestion face a harrowing time due to the heightened levels of pollen. Organic India Breathe Free can be especially helpful for such individuals who find it especially hard to cope during the pollen season.

Breathe Free is a herbal remedy from the house of Organic India, an organization restructured for manufacturing state of the art organic supplements to help people live better. It provides relief from asthma, respiratory complications and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. The best part about the product is that it is completely free from side effects that are characteristic of modern medicine. This is primarily because it has no such ingredients that can have a negative impact on anyone's health.

The supplement is especially helpful in the treatment of health disorders like chronic obstructive pulmonary infections and bronchitis. Its natural ingredients are pretty effective for calming the nerves and scuttling an allergy attack. It is an effective expectorant, meaning that it aids the body in the clearance of mucus from the trachea, bronchi and the airways. This property can prove to be especially beneficial for people who are finding it hard to breathe freely.

The supplement is beneficial for the body in several other ways as well. It boosts the respiratory functions and helps in breathing easily. The lung tissues can get damaged due to a variety of reasons. It works excellently for undoing the damage and repairing the same. Besides that, it helps in treating a variety of lung infections that can play havoc with your health.


It makes sense to have a look at the ingredients of the supplement. The principal ingredients include Pushkarmool, Krishna Tulsi, Vibhitaki and Pippali. Pushkarmool is known for being effective against all sorts of cough and respiratory problems. It has been used in Ayurveda for rejuvenating the lungs, improving respiration and providing relief from various respiratory problems.

Tulsi, the wonder herb, is another principal ingredient of Organic India Breathe Free. It is termed so for its long list of benefits that include providing relief from respiratory problems. It has antimicrobial properties, thanks to which it helps in killing the disease causing micro organisms. Vibhitaki is another excellent herb that is renamed for being effective for nourishing throat and lungs. In addition, it tones the digestive tract tissues and is ingredient of several medicines as well. Pippali boosts the respiratory system by increasing circulation and wards off common ailments of respiratory system like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, and cough and cold.

People who are allergic can consider switching their allergy medications on regular intervals to prevent development of drug resistance; avoiding foods like melons that contain pollen and avoiding contact with pollen by using masks and staying indoors when the content of pollen in the air is at the highest levels.