Hay Fever (Allergic Rhinitis) is caused by allergic reactions to airborne substances such as pollen or spores. These enter the upper respiratory paths leading to irritation and inflammation. The nose, throat and eyes are affected. Hay Fever is a common condition, affecting 20% ​​of the population in the UK alone. Most commonly, hay fever is caused because of pollen and spores in the air. Trees and grasses generally pollinate in Spring and Summer. These seasonal changes cause hay fever in people who show allergic reactions to these air borne substances.

Hayfever is an allergic condition and so symptoms can worsen if suffering with stress, or if the immune system is weak. Focussing on diet and ensuring you are getting plenty of zinc and vitamin C will help.

Around 1 in 4 adults in the UK now suffer with hayfever to some extent and quite often conventional over the counter remedies do not provide a very satisfactory solution – they may make people drowsy or do not work for very long. Many people have reported that homeopathy and natural remedies have helped them. Some of the most common remedies you may wish to try are:

Allium Cepa – made from red onion, which based on the principles of like cures like, will help with hayfever where the predominant symptoms are streaming eyes and nose (as if one had just chopped an onion). The discharge from the eyes and nose is often burning and can leave sore patches below the eyes and on the upper lip.

Sabadilla – covers another very annoying symptom of hayfever – sneezing fits! The discharges are also very profuse and watery and eyes may be red and itchy.

Euphrasia – also called “Eyebright” – a clear indication of its main area of ​​action which is on the eyes. Euphrasia is very helpful when the eyes are sore and feel as if there is grit in them. There will also be intolerance to bright lights, as well as sneezing and a runny nose.

Arsenicum Album – also has a burning discharge but with a feeling of obstruction in the nose. These people will generally also be restless, fastidious and feel chilly.

Nux vomica – is suitable for people who push themselves hard at work, using coffee and other stimulants to keep themselves going. They will also be chilly and are often very short tempered . The Nux Vomica picture has lots of sneezing first thing in the morning and is much worse for any draft – or air conditioning.

Arundo – has terrible burning and itching of the palate and conjunctiva as well as lots of sneezing and discharge.