A Closer Look at NAET Treatments

There are a variety of different NAET Treatments that are commonly used by NAET therapists. If you are considering this form of alternative medicine treatment for your allergies, then you will likely want to know the different methods that are used. With this treatment, a combination of treatments may be used.

One of the common NAET treatments is acupressure. There are specific pressure points that are targeted while the patient holds the allergen that they are allergic to. The acupressure will allow your body to have free energy flow, which will help to eliminate the allergies.

Another common source of treatment involves chiropractic work. A chiropractor that specializes in NAET treatments will be able to do specific procedures that will help you to feel better and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Kinesiology is another important factor when it comes to NAET treatments. The therapist will study your muscles and note any changes in their response to certain stimulants. This will help them to determine what you are allergic to. This is used commonly in diagnosing your allergens- rather than the use of other invasive allergy testing.

You may also need to make some changes in your diet and nutrition. If you are not eating a well balance diet, then you can throw everything off balance. Having an imbalance can cause you to have reactions to certain allergens. These reactions can sometimes be undesirable.

As you can see, there are a variety of different NAET treatments that are available. In most cases, they will be used in conjunction with each other to get the best results. Decide if this treatment may be a great choice for you. I know it was a great choice for me.

My personal experience, acupressure was used with a combination of a Bio-Meridian machine. My allergies were identified using the Bio-Meridian machine. After they were identified then I acupressure was used.

I was seeing my NAET doctor for food allergies. After 10 – 12 visits I no longer had any food allergy. This was after being allergic to most foods, literally. i would get super intestinal stomach pains, multiple times per week. They would last for 30 minutes up to 12 hours. Miserable is the only way to describe it. I share more about my experience with NAET along with others that have had success with the technique on my website. It discusses many different aspects of NAET. Good luck to your health.