What You Should Know About NAET Therapy

NAET therapy is a natural form of allergy elimination that is also known as Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Therapy. It is a highly innovative and natural approach to allergy therapy. The good thing is that the treatment options are non invasive. They do not require any painful procedures, and they also help to get rid of your allergies for good. There are many different aspects that are considered when it comes to NAET. It has a lot to do with your energy flow within your body. The methods that are commonly used involve acupressure, chiropractic work, kinesiology and changes in your nutrition. When these are combined together, it creates a well balanced treatment plan for allergies.

NAET Therapy vs. Conventional Treatment

For those that are trying to decide between NAET therapy and conventional treatment, it is important to consider both thoroughly. With conventional treatments, there are a lot of invasive procedures that come along with diagnosing and treating allergies. These are really only quick fix options. They do not provide you with a long term treatment, or elimination of allergies. These medications and treatment options can also have adverse side effects on your body. They can cause you to have a lower quality of life.

With NAET, you will find that the treatment options actually go to the root of the problem. They will take the allergens head on and will cause the body to be immune to these allergens. After diagnosing the allergies, you are able to completely rid yourself of the allergies that once bothered you. It is not only a permanent treatment option, but it is also non invasive. This means that the procedures are not painful. This should help put your mind at ease when it comes to getting your allergy testing done.

About the Treatment

The NAET therapy is pretty specific. Once you are able to diagnose the allergens by using muscle response testing, you can then target these specific allergens. The muscle response testing is used to help identify muscle reactions to certain stimulants. This is the way that you find out what you are allergic to. Then, the NAET therapist will work with you through a treatment session that consist of acupressure along the back bone. When focusing on the acupuncture along the spine, from top to bottom, the patient will be holding the particular allergens.

A big part of the treatment is avoiding the allergen after the treatment. You will need to avoid the treatment for at least twenty five hours after the treatment is over. This will completely eliminate the allergy and you will no longer be allergic to the specific allergen. Sometimes, the treatment will need to be repeated for it to be effective. You will have to undergo this specific treatment for each of your allergies.

How it Works

You may wonder how something as simple as NAET could actually work. Well, when you think about it, allergies are a result of the way that your body reacts to certain things that it deems as harmful. If you can get your energy flow corrected within your body, then you can actually make necessary changes within your body to ensure that it does not see the substance as harmful.

As you use the NAET therapy option to help you get rid of the allergies, you will find that problems and symptoms that you used to have that were associated with allergies will start to diminish. You will feel better and have more energy. It will improve your overall level of health and well being.

Will NAET Treatment Work for You?

When you find a physician that practices this type of alternative medicine, you will see that it can and will work for you. When it is done correctly, it can be a life altering experience. It is used to treat a variety of different allergy issues- including environmental allergies, food allergies, chemical allergies, pet allergies, and more. It can also be used in people that suffer from asthma. The good news is that most anyone can undergo this treatment. It can be done on adults and children. You can even have it done while you are pregnant. Since it is not an invasive treatment, there are not really any restrictions on who can have it done. If you are interested in trying NAET as a method of allergy elimination, then you should definitely take the time to learn more about how the NAET therapy can benefit you.