Allergies are a common health condition many individuals experience. In the US alone, it is estimated that allergy-associated problems affect 20% of the total population – and that is a conservative estimate. It is believed that the figure is higher than that if 'non-traditional' allergies are included such as migraine headache or digestive reactions to foods and substances.

With the estimated figure above, no wonder that there are lots of individuals who are going to chiropractors asking help to address allergy-related issues. Many choose this alternative as it is a more natural approach compared to conventional medical treatments.

So, how do chiropractors address allergy problems?

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to raising allergy problems; they do not address the allergy alone but the root cause of the problem as well. Here are some techniques used by chiropractors to address allergies and sensitivities:

  • Meridian Stress Assessment – it is a computerized analysis that measures the electrical (galvanic) conductivity in your acupoints. A chiropractor stimulates the body with sub-sensory electric signals, which serves as the 'electrical blueprints' of a suspected allergen. The result or change in readings of the acupoints is analyzed. An out-of-range acupoints reading indicates sensitivity and severity.
  • Kinesiology – also known as muscle testing and is used to simple conditions. The procedure includes testing of a strong muscle with an allergen and examining that muscle if it weakens after the exposure.
  • ASERT treatment – stands for Allergy and Sensitivity Elimination Reprogramming Technique, a unique procedure that involves laser stimulation of both the central nervous system and the acupoints with 'electrical blueprints' of the identified allergens, which reprograms the brain / body with the new message telling that these substances cause no harm.
  • Nutritional and Lifestyle Counseling – in addition to some laboratory procedures, a patient with allergy issues may be given nutritional and lifestyle counseling, which helps that person adjusts to eating a much healthier foods and embrace a much healthier lifestyle. He may also receive customized or specialized diet guidelines (eg therapeutic elimination diet or cleansing protocols).

Finding a good chiropractor in your area

You might want to consider going to a chiropractor to seek for help so it is imperative that you go to a proven-reputable one. The Internet can be a great help to find some prospects. You can search through local directories such as Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, etc. – they are huge repositories of local businesses info in your area, including chiropractor local listings.