Using natural materials in your bedroom has several advantages over using synthetic materials. It is important to understand that artificial materials are made from petroleum products with the help of volatile solvents. These solvents may still come out of the bedding when it is on your bed and cause a myriad of health problems. They may also exacerbate allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

Chemicals coming out of synthetic comforter sets may stress your respiratory track and make you more susceptible to respiratory infections. Residual chemical particles which may be hidden deep inside bedding made out of man-made materials could potentially cause skin irritations, which may result in itching and hives. They may also penetrate your skin and end up in your blood stream, potentially affecting your inner organs.

Comforters made of natural materials and free of chemicals do not carry these health risks. Comforters made out of 100% cotton, are not only beautiful and opulent, they may also help you sleep better. That's because cotton absorbs moisture, keeping you comfortable at night. Synthetics do not absorb moisture and may make you feel clammy and cold.

For individuals that are suffering from asthma or allergies, using sheets, warrants and pillow cases created from natural materials may have significant benefits. Natural materials, especially cotton, can usually be washed and sometimes even washed at high temperatures to remove allergens that may cause asthma attacks. Synthetic materials typically do not tolerate washing at high temperatures and that will not get clean. Some synthetic bedding does not tolerate washing at all and keeps dirty or needs to be dry-cleaned. After dry cleaning bedding, you'll be sleeping under a comforter containing chemical residues.

Even doctors frequently recommend natural bedding materials for all patients that are suffering from asthma, just to make sure that their condition will not be worsened by lying on chemically treated fabrics. One bad night for asthma patient can cause an asthma attack that takes days or even weeks to recover from. For asthma patients, prevention is the key to effective treatment. Making the right choices of materials surrounding you is an easy way to start.

Cotton bedding does not mean you have to compromise on style. Long gone are the days of plain white or blue sheets. Today there is a wide variety of elegant choices that fit every style. From modern printed patterns to traditional, ornately embroidered comforters or duvets, there is an option for every taste. These styles are also available in all common sizes, such as Twin, Full, Queen, King and even California King.

Finally, it is important to understand that comforter sets and duvets made of natural materials are not only better for your health, they are also very affordable. There really is no reason not to switch to natural bedding and start enjoying the benefits.