Apart from the irritating buzz that mosquitoes do to any human's ears, they are very dangerous and could pose lethal threats for people from all walks of life and of any age. Typically, children and adults are easily infected and contract the disease from the mosquitoes but now even healthy adults can contract the disease. A theory states that some of them do mutate and adapt to their environment. Some of which grow immune to some toxins which are formulated to kill them while some adapt to live in certain conditions which are not natural for them but can multiply meagrely in.

It is important to have mosquito control in your home such as cleaning your home and draining out the stagnant water and frequently fumigate the concessions. Some home owners prefer to go natural by using citronella to shoo away the mosquitoes.

But if you do not take precautions and prevent mosquitoes from your home, here are some illnesses that you most, hopefully not, likely will encounter with.

1. West Nile Virus
The classified flavivirus does not only affect the West Nile area but the whole globe. It is transmitted via mosquitoes which are specifically called the prime vectors. Incubation period is usually between 2 to 15 days and the sufferers will experience fever, headaches, fatigue, muscle pain, nausea, anorexia, vomiting, myalgias and rash. The good news is that 1% of all cases are severe and typically lead to central nervous system problems such as encephalitis, meningitis and polio myelitis. There s no vaccine for it and the only way to avoid it is mosquito control.

2. Malaria
Malaria is a parasite that feeds on human blood. The symptoms are usually chills, high fever and flu-like illness, anemia and jaundice. This type of virus is usually found in Southeast Asia and affects the macaques there and subsequently affected the humans. One type of malaria is preventable but can lead to worse cases even death. Most of the casualties are children in developing countries. As for prevention, you should avoid going to mosquito infected places and use mosquito repellents. Vaccines are not applicable for this parasite since it often changes it surface and adapts based on their surroundings.

3. Dengue
One of the most notorious diseases thought about the mosquitoes, particularly the Anopheles kind. The most popular infected areas are Latin America and South East Asia but not only limited to that. Symptoms include fever, joint pains, headaches, skin rash and the dreaded dengue hemorrhagic fever which leads to bleeding, low platelet count and blood plasma leakage and the dengue shock syndrome where the blood pressure drops. The ways to treat dengue is through rehydration, intravenous of fluids and sometimes blood transfusion for other cases.