In order to properly treat an individual that is experiencing discomfort from Allergic shiners, one must first diagnose what is the actual cause of the inflammation in the nasal passages. By contacting, and making an appointment with your personal physician, you can get the proper conventional testing method that is needed in order for a diagnoses. Remember, it is always very important to contact your doctor when you are experiencing any type of persisting illness, or discomfort, lest it lead to a further, serious illness, or injury. It has been found that without the correct treatment even simple allergies can lead to more serious illness that could be possibly life threatening. You can be sure that by explaining all of your symptoms in a prompt manner to your physician that he / she can work with you to combat your allergies, or illnesses in a direct fashion.


The goal is to decrease the swelling of the eyelids, and to decrease dark pigmentation. In order to allow for the swelling to go down, and for the pigmentation to subside, doctors may utilize a variety of separate methods to aid in the healing of your allergies, or illness. A few of the contrasting approaches to relieving allergen symptoms that can cause shiners are listed below.

  • Steroids – A doctor may prescribe a dosage of steroids to help you body fight off the allergens that are causing unpleasant side effects.
  • Antihistamines – Antihistamines work by helping inflammation to subside, allowing to easier air passage, and helping to relieve side effects.
  • Decongestants – By using a decongestant you may find that when you nasal passes have more air flow that the side effects, like shiners, will subside more easily.
  • Allergy Shots – If you know that you are apt to get seasonal allergies it might be a good idea to start getting annual allergy shots; These will help to lessen the risk of Allergic shiners.
  • Rinsing your sinuses – Simply by rinsing out clogged sinuses with clean, cool, distilled water, many patients have found immediate relief of their symptoms.

All in all, patients that are experiencing the disturbing case of shiners, and puffy eyelids are finding that by contacting their local personal physician, and by practicing just a few small steps, they too can avoid ever having to deal with Allergic Shiners again. Once again, make sure that if you are ever encountering any type of persisting illness, it is imperative that you contact your doctor at once.