Are you experiencing non-celiac gluten sensitivity? Information to “ensure” your health, naturally.

This article is specifically addressing those of you who have tested negative for Celiac Disease. Although negative, you may clearly be experiencing similar symptoms that make it important to have a Clinical Nutritionist assist in ruling out Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis, Chron's disease, lactose intolerance and / or yeast intolerance. As we age, our body's chemical make-up and how it responds to environmental stimuli for various reasons. Toxic exposures, processed foods, pharmaceutical medications, dietary excess or inadequacy, exercise, radiation and improper use of dietary supplements. As a direct result, our body's homeostasis, or “balance” becomes disrupted putting our amazing, yet delicate system at risk for sensitivities, intolerances, and extremely diseases if left untreated. The body's natural immune response to foreign substances is inflammation.

This process is necessary to “engulf” the foreign particles in order to rid them from the body. In circumstances that involve repetitive exposure to toxic, teratogenic or carcinogenic substances …. not only can our body's natural ability to ward off invasion become overwhelmed, but our body can also become “deranged and unrecognizable” to its own immunity ~ in the sense that it begins to attack it's own system. This process is referred to as “autoimmunity.”

It is imperative to detect any level of gluten sensitivity early on. In order to do so effectively, YOU must pay close attention to your body's signs after consuming potential “trigger” foods. Beginning to keep a “food diary” is an excellent first-step approach in really detecting the culprit (s) of YOUR commonly experienced symptoms. Simply write down the foods and beverages you consume, and any noticeable symptoms you experience thereafter. If the body is unable to effectively digest and metabolize food and / or beverage constituents, the body will ignite an immune response as if there are foreign invaders. From there, and inflammatory process will occur and overtime this chronic inflammation can damage the lining of the stomach as well as the small intestine (where the majority of nutrient absorption occurs). In turn, damaged GI tissues result in loss of function. If the body's ability to absorb nutrients is compromised, nutrient deficiency will persist and disease can prevail.

Some alterations of a new-adopted diet can be challenging at first, but the reward and fulfillment of overall improved quality of life holds promise to FAR outweigh the satiety lost from certain foods. Empower yourself with knowledge by tapping into health care professionals in your community. Being informed about your health and wellness is an investment for your future!