A great part on the topic of itchy eyes has to do with avoiding and preventing the emergence of these allergens. There are both the indoor and outdoor environments which one should be careful about. For seasonal allergies commonly occurring during spring time it is good to check out the pollen count before heading outdoor. However, in the event that all the preventive measures are in vain the proper treatments have to be sorted out.

Following are the list of commonly available treatment and relief options to alleviate the symptoms of itchy eyes;

Eye Drops

Eye drops are widely available over the counter in almost any pharmacy stores. These are less expensive and offer a quick relief option in alleviating the itchiness in the eyes. There are 2 categories of eye drops; the non medicated and medicated eye drops. As the name suggest, the non medicated eye drops do not contain medicines but are purely an eye wash solution to lubricate the eyes.

The medicated saline-containing drops are commonly used in treatment of specific eye problems. These may contain antihistamines, steroids, beta receptor blockers, prostaglandins, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) depending on the conditions of the eyes being treated. Eye drops are preferred as they have a lesser risk of side effects compared to oral medicines.

Antihistamines are a commonly used substance for a fast relieve to the many symptoms of itchy eyes caused by allergens.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are a prescribed drug that can relieve the swelling and inflammation of the eyes. It is normally used to treat seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (hay fever).

Self Help

Usually this itchy eye ailment will go away in a week or so up to 2 weeks. In the exception of seasonal allergies conjunctivitis that could last as long as the pollen season.

• Do not rub the itchy eyes.

A little self help is helpful. In all circumstances, avoid rubbing the eyes to get rid of the itchiness. As this has the effect of worsening the already itched eyes. The hands are also a medium for spreading the infection especially if this is contagious as in the case of pinkeye.

• Clean the eyes regularly with a warm moist cloth

Use a piece of warm moist and clean cloth to remove any discharge at the sides of the eyes.

• Home remedies on compresses

Use a warm or cold moist cloth to compress the affected eyes. A clean warm or cold moist cloth can be applied on top of the eyes for about 5 minutes for a quick relaxing and relieving effect. There are other home remedies and relief methods using refrigerated cucumber slices as well as used tea bags for cold compresses.

Rest and More Rest

More often than not, the itchy eyes are a result of a lack of adequate sleep, too much hours on the computers or television or gaming machines. These strain the eyes and at the same time weakened the person's immune system, rendering them more susceptible to viral and bacterial attacks. Here, it is also a sign that the body as well as the eyes needs a good and adequate rest.

Millions of people suffer from eyes diseases. Eyes are one of the most important organs of the human body, and it is vital that these eyes are well taken care of.